My name is Negar Kazemzade and I was born on12th of July 1984, in Tabriz, Iran. I started school in Tabriz and graduated in 2002. After one year, I studied Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Islamic Azad university of Marand and graduated in 2006. Later, in 2011, I entered the University of Tabriz Aras international Campus and started to study Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and I graduated after three years. To further develop myself professionally I decided to take part in a teacher training course offered by TESOL Oxford LTD in 2020 and finished the course after six months (in 2021). I have an experience of eight years in teaching English to both children and adults. I have taught different books such as Family and Friends series and Hip Hip Hooray, Everybody up and kid’s box, etc. to children and American English File series, Four Corners series and Perfectway series, etc. to adults.